About me…

Hi! My name is Charly and I love stories.

I tell stories to my kids to sleep. I tell brand stories to consumers to build brand love and drive sales. As a dad of three boys and as a marketer, stories have been a powerful medium to create emotional connection.

In the middle between my family and my job, there are personal stories based on thoughts, observations and memories that I don’t want to lose; so I had created this blog to put all of them together for me and for you. As a friend said: “once you write them, the readers are the owners of your stories”.

Feel free to leave a comment on those short texts; feedback is always a gift.

On my profesional journey, stories and curiosity has taken me in the last +17 years from graphic design, to coding, video-gaming, solution selling, creative strategist and consultive sales on diverse geographies and corporate environments as Globant (GLOB), Microsoft (MSFT) and Facebook (FB)

The best is coming.


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